Digitron Electronics can support all major manufacturers of CCFL and LED backlit LCDs, and offers a broad array of standard and custom solutions.

Single, dual, quad and up we can supply you the inverter your design requires. If we can’t source it we’ll design it. Digitron can even design the inverter to be part of the controller for better reliability and a reduced part count.

Part # Description Detail
UAI-1201-01-00 DIGITRON Single Tube 12 V
Made in USA
UAI-1201-01-51 DIGITRON Single Tube 12 V
Made in USA
UAI-1202-51-15 DIGITRON Dual Tube 12 V
Made in USA
UAI-1604-01-00 ERG 8m122488 Single Tube 12 V UAI-1604-01-00.pdf
UAI-1827-01-00 ERG DMD42703 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-1827-01-00.pdf
UAI-2389-01-00 ERG 8m122484 Single Tube 12 V UAI-2389-01-00.pdf
UAI-2642-01-00 ERG DMC42626 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-2642-01-00.pdf
UAI-2782-01-00 ERG LD2885 Dual Tube 12 V UAI-2782-01-00.pdf
UAI-3161-01-00 ERG 8mF62595 Six Tube 12 V UAI-3161-01-00.pdf
UAI-3212-01-00 ERG 8m122582 Single Tube 12 V UAI-3212-01-00.pdf
UAI-3504-01-00 Microsemi LXM1623-12-41 Dual Tube 12 V UAI-3504-01-00.pdf
UAI-4530-01-00 GH010A Dual Tube 12 V UAI-4530-01-00.pdf
UAI-4858-01-00 ERG L2337 Dual Tube 12 V UAI-4858-01-00.pdf
UAI-5172-01-00 Microsemi LXM1617-12-62 Single Tube 12 V UAI-5172-01-00.pdf
UAI-5251-01-00 ERG DMD42788 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-5251-01-00.pdf
UAI-5636-01-00 ERG DMA22570 Dual Tube 12 V UAI-5636-01-00.pdf
UAI-5830-01-00 ERG 8m122389 Single Tube 12 V UAI-5830-01-00.pdf
UAI-5967-01-00 ERG K1958 Dual Tube 12 V UAI-5967-01-00.pdf
UAI-6018-01-00 ERG DMC42556 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-6018-01-00.pdf
UAI-6142-01-00 Microsemi LXM1617-12-42 Single Tube 12 V UAI-6142-01-00.pdf
UAI-6438-01-00 ERG 8mF62763 Six Tube 12 V UAI-6438-01-00.pdf
UAI-6991-01-00 Samsung SIC141 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-6991-01-00.pdf
UAI-7904-01-00 ERG DMD42703 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-7904-01-00.pdf
UAI-8412-01-00 ERG D128D60J Single Tube 12 V UAI-8412-01-00.pdf
UAI-8633-01-00 Samsung SIC1800 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-8633-01-00.pdf
UAI-8942-01-00 GH053A-A2 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-8942-01-00.pdf
UAI-8942-02-00 GH053A(A6) Quad Tube 12 V  
UAI-9142-01-00 ERG DMD42880 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-9142-01-00.pdf
UAI-9270-01-00 Microsemi LXM1643-12-62 Quad Tube 12 V UAI-9270-01-00.pdf
UAI-9469-01-00 Microsemi LXM1623-12-4x Dual Tube 12 V UAI-9469-01-00.pdf
UAI-9649-01-00 Microsemi LXM1623-12-61 Dual Tube 12 V UAI-9649-01-00.pdf
UAI-9651-01-00 LXMG1623-12-62 Dual Tube 12 V  
UAI-9870-01-00 Microsemi LXM1623-12-42 Dual Tube 12 V UAI-9870-01-00.pdf