Digitron Electronics offers world class custom cable assemblies for OEM and reseller customers in the computer, communications, industrial, military and medical equipment industries worldwide. Our combination of design, prototyping, engineering support, quality, on-time delivery, and competitive prices already provides great value.

We feature the strengths of quick design services and prototyping that are critical in supporting an engineering effort during new product development. We have done a considerable amount of work with our clients in the area of testing and R&D cables as well as custom PCB cables.

No matter what your type of cable assembly and application, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with you. If you are in the early design stage of defining your cabling solution, we can provide engineering assistance and prototyping. If you are ready for a quotation and samples of an already specified cable assembly, we are ready to get to work to meet your needs.

Part # Description Detail
CAD-0213-01-00 VGA Cable  
CAD-0398-02-00 10 inch Accessory Cable CAD-0398-02-00.pdf
CAD-0547-01-00 9 inch VGA Cable CAD-0547-01-00.pdf
CAD-1001-01-00 Panel Interface  
CAD-1005-01-00 140 mm Panel Interface CAD-1005-01-00.pdf
CAD-1089-01-00 6 foot Accessory Cable CAD-1089-01-00.pdf
CAD-1239-01-TW 4.5 Inch Accessory Cable CAD-1239-01-TW.pdf
CAD-1417-01-00 11 Inch Panel Interface CAD-1417-01-00.pdf
CAD-1418-01-00 15 Inch Panel Interface CAD-1418-01-00.pdf
CAD-3265-01-TW 7 Inch Accessory Cable CAD-3265-01-TW.pdf
CAD-6050-01-KA 38 Inch VGA Cable CAD-6050-01-KA.pdf
CAD-8509-01-KA 10 Inch OSD Cable CAD-8509-01-KA.pdf
CAD-9633-01-TW 280 mm Accessory Cable CAD-9633-01-TW.pdf
CAP-2039-01-TW 6.5 Inch Accessory Cable CAP-2039-01-TW.pdf
CAP-9708-02-KA 38 Inch Accessory Cable CAP-9708-02-KA.pdf
NCA-0962-01-00 8 Inch VGA Cable NCA-0962-01-00.pdf
NCP-0384-01-00 7 Inch Accessory Cable  
NCP-0981-01-DS Accessory Cable NCP-0981-01-DS.pdf
NCR-0847-01-ID 12 Inch Inverter Cable NCR-0847-01-ID.pdf
NCR-1017-01-DS 14 Inch Inverter Cable NCR-1017-01-DS.pdf
NCR-1247-01-00 18 Inch Inverter Cable NCR-1247-01-00.pdf
NCW-0728-01-00 14 Inch Accessory Cable NCW-0728-01-00.pdf
UAA-2525-01-00 Inverter Cable  
UAA-3727-01-KA 30 Inch Accessory Cable  
UAA-3751-01-KA Accessory Cable  
UAA-5600-01-00 4 Inch Accessory Cable UAA-5600-01-00.pdf
UAA-6523-01-00 6 Inch Accessory Cable UAA-6523-01-00.pdf
UAD-1015-01-00 10 inch Panel Interface UAD-1015-01-00.pdf
UAD-1068-01-00 10 inch Panel Interface UAD-1068-01-00.pdf
UAD-1068-01-PK 12 inches Panel Interface UAD-1068-01-PK.pdf
UAD-1085-01-00 9 inch Panel Interface UAD-1085-01-00.pdf
UAD-1093-01-00 9 Inch Panel Interface UAD-1093-01-00.pdf
UAD-1094-01-00 9 inch Panel Interface UAD-1094-01-00.pdf
UAD-1112-01-00 10 inch Panel Interface UAD-1112-01-00.pdf
UAD-1202-01-00 10 Inch Panel Interface UAD-1202-01-00.pdf
UAD-1236-01-00 12 Inch Panel Interface UAD-1236-01-00.pdf
UAD-1299-01-00 11 Inch Panel Interface UAD-1299-01-00.pdf
UAD-1392-01-00 11 Inch Panel Interface UAD-1392-01-00.pdf
UAD-1439-01-00 10 Inch Panel Interface UAD-1439-01-00.pdf
UAD-1485-01-00 12 inch Panel Interface UAD-1485-01-00.pdf
UAD-1486-01-00 11 inch Panel Interface UAD-1486-01-00.pdf
UAD-1500-01-00 10 Inch Panel Interface  
UAD-1604-01-00 11 inch Panel Interface UAD-1604-01-00.pdf
UAD-1670-01-00 8 inch Panel Interface UAD-1670-01-00.pdf
UAD-1899-01-00 11 Inch Panel Interface UAD-1899-01-00.pdf
UAD-2353-01-00 11 inch Panel Interface UAD-2353-01-00.pdf
UAD-3330-01-00 8 Inch Panel Interface UAD-3330-01-00.pdf
UAD-3722-01-00 10 Inch Panel Interface UAD-3722-01-00.pdf
UAD-4065-01-00 8 inch Panel Interface UAD-4065-01-00.pdf
UAD-4815-01-00 11 inch Panel Interface UAD-4815-01-00.pdf
UAD-4905-01-00 14 inch Panel Interface UAD-4905-01-00.pdf
UAD-5639-01-00 9 inch Panel Interface UAD-5639-01-00.pdf
UAD-6252-01-00 8 Inch Panel Interface UAD-6252-01-00.pdf
UAD-7669-01-00 6 Inch Panel Interface UAD-7669-01-00.pdf
UAD-8334-01-00 11 inch Panel Interface UAD-8334-01-00.pdf
UAD-8566-01-00 11 inch Panel Interface UAD-8566-01-00.pdf
UAD-9601-01-00 11 inch Panel Interface UAD-9601-01-00.pdf
UAO-3745-01-KA 21 Inch OSD Cable  
UAP-3736-01-KA 30 Inch Accessory Cable  
UAP-6883-01-PK 9 Inch Accessory Cable UAP-6883-01-PK.pdf
UAR-0974-01-00 11 inch Inverter Cable UAR-0974-01-00.pdf
UAR-1010-01-00 5 Inch Inverter Cable UAR-1010-01-00
UAR-1061-01-00 12 inch Inverter Cable UAR-1061-01-00.pdf
UAR-1084-01-00 190 mm Inverter Cable UAR-1084-01-00.pdf
UAR-1084-02-00 4 Inch Inverter Cable UAR-1084-02-00.pdf
UAR-1116-01-00 12 inch Inverter Cable UAR-1116-01-00.pdf
UAR-1195-01-00 11 inch Inverter Cable  
UAR-2572-01-00 10 Inch Inverter Cable UAR-2572-01-00.pdf
UAR-2663-01-00 12 inch Inverter Cable UAR-2663-01-00.pdf
UAR-2788-01-00 10 inch Inverter Cable UAR-2788-01-00.pdf
UAR-3252-01-00 10 inch Inverter Cable UAR-3252-01-00.pdf
UAR-4025-01-00 12 inch Inverter Cable UAR-4025-01-00.pdf
UAR-4251-02-00 24 inch Auto Dimming Inverter UAR-4251-02-00.pdf
UAR-4945-01-00 10 inch Inverter Cable UAR-4945-01-00.pdf
UAR-5017-01-00 9 inch Inverter Cable UAR-5017-01-00.pdf
UAR-5052-01-00 12 inch Inverter Cable UAR-5052-01-00.pdf
UAR-5555-01-00 9 inch Inverter Cable UAR-5555-01-00.pdf
UAR-6575-01-00 10 inch Inverter Cable UAR-6575-01-00.pdf
UAR-7329-01-00 12 inch Inverter Cable UAR-7329-01-00.pdf
UAR-7468-01-00 12 inch Inverter Cable UAR-7468-01-00.pdf
UAR-7744-01-00 190 mm Inverter Cable UAR-7744-01-00.pdf
UAR-7942-01-00 18 inches Inverter Cable UAR-7942-01-00.pdf
UAR-8849-01-00 9 inch Inverter Cable UAR-8849-01-00.pdf
UAR-9315-01-MX 12 inch Inverter Cable UAR-9315-01-MX.pdf
UAS-1018-01-PK 95 mm OSD Cable UAS-1018-01-PK.pdf
UAS-6213-01-00 OSD Cable UAS-6213-01-00.pdf
UAS-6213-01-KA 42 inch OSD Cable UAS-6213-01-KA.pdf
UAS-6400-01-00 8 Inch OSD Cable UAS-6400-01-00.pdf
UAS-6401-01-00 8 Inch OSD Cable  
UAS-7252-01-00 200 mm OSD Cable UAS-7252-01-00.pdf